Availability of ultrafast broadband in PKC

Broadband SpeedAvailability of Superfast (% of Premises) – Percentage of premises that have at least Superfast Broadband coverage (30Mbit/s or greater, includes premises with access to Ultrafast speeds) Availability of Ultrafast (% of Premises) – Percentage of premises that have Ultrafast Broadband coverage (300Mbit/s or greater) Sourced from Connected Nations Report by Ofcom. Data collected and analysed from major fixed telecoms operators (BT, Virgin, Sky, Talk Talk, Vodafone and KCOM). Contains Broadband Coverage from the operators aggregated at 2011 Census output area level (SNS Datazones). The coverage data was collected as a snapshot in January 2018. Due to variations in broadband performance over time, the file should not be regarded as a definitive and fixed view of the UK's fixed broadband infrastructure. However, the information provided in this file may be useful in identifying variations in broadband availability. More information from - https://www.ofcom.org.uk/research-and-data/multi-sector-research/infrastructure-research/connected-nations-update-spring-2018

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